The Biker

This kit was given to me for my 60th by a good friend of mine. Unlike me, he really likes his models clean and shiny, so I decided not to make this one in my usual style. Scale is 1/12.

Usually, I start by making the base but, because I did not know the final size of the model, I decided to start with the bike and get it to the point where I can plan the base. So I started with the engine. All went well. 

After all the bits n bobs had been primered and whilst I was waiting for the paint to cure, I 3D printed and painted the biker figure.


Though I am a novice at figure painting, I at least know that it needs a black base! So I started at that point. 


After giving the figure a good coating of Rust-Oleum matt black primer, I sanded all the blemishes down.


Then, using Vellejo acrylics, I painted the details. I found it difficult to to blend skintones, so in future I try using oils.


Rust-Oleum gives a nice primed surface and does not take forever to dry, so I was soon able to paint the model.

Completed April 2023

I have been steadily chipping away at this build (the Sopwith is taking up most of my time, along with the website which has suddenly gone awry after a update to the site builder program for which I am most annoyed). 


Besides the frame and engine, I have painted all parts, and assembled the wheels. Here is what I did with the small faux cover that goes where a conventional cover would go - The VMax's tank is below the seat, and this cover is called a faux cover/ airbox cover.


As I mentioned before, because this was given to me by a friend whose thing is shiny models, I decided to do this bike in a clean manner. The faux cover's decal gave me endless headaches. Eventually I cut away and used what I was able to.


I gave this part 2 coats of (gloss) black Tamiya TS14, with a light sanding between coats, followed by 2 coats of Tamiya Gloss Clear (TS13) with light sanding between coats, then the application of the decals (whhc took ages to come offhe paper), followed by 4 coats of TS13!! It is not perfect, but I reached a point where I called it a day. (This process reminded me of why  don't do shiny and hate doing odd shaped decals!!) 

After having posted the above, I applied another coat of TS13 gloss clear. 


Having reached a point in where I could temporarily assemble and measure the size of the bike, I continued with the base. 

I cut the individual bricks from card and glued them in place onto a piece of laminated pine.

This was followed by a coat of metal oxide primer. Once this had dried, I rubbed tile grout between the bricks and removed excess using wettened cotton earbuds.

Then I worked on idividual bricks using acrylic paint.


The base itself was made from pine. The cement slabs were cast from real cement, as is my custom.  I am satisfied with the result.

Then on with making the pay phone and some accessories...... and the base was done.

(I'll add the fire hydrant after I have attached the bike)

I am almost ready to start with final assembly. This is the stage that I always dread because this is where it's possible to mess it all up with a single mistake.

(Plus,there is a 1.5mm gap between faux tank and seat, which is not correct and has to be corrected). 


Mods I've made to the kit include:

  • Replaced kit exhausts with wrapped double side-cut exhausts.
  • Replaced the handlebars with drag bars.
  • Replaced standard mirrors with bar end mirrors.
  • Added fork sleeves. 
  • Added lenses to the instruments.;
  • Omitted the rear mudguard and modified the back area.

I'm calling this one done.