RC Toyota Land Cruiser

Completed Started April 2024

Turn. Don't Burn.

It's as easy as 

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This is a build of the Killerbody Radio Controlled Toyoya Land Cruiser LC70. (Scale 1/10).

The client wants it to look "used but looked after".


I have all the parts. He even bought the roll-up-and-down windows and full interior add on kits. The kit is of beautiful quality. 


I struggled to paint the add on seats because they are of a type of silicon that paint simply does not easily adhere to. Eventually, I used Rust-Oleum grey primer that I let stand for a week after spraying. That gave the best results though I still had to do some touchups after I had installed them.  

I bought a figure of a farmer online, modified him to a sitting position, and 3D resin printed it. Came out nicely. However, the legs were too short to reach the pedals and I had to do some good old school-type modeling on him.