Post Apocalyptic Mini Cooper

Completed March 2018

This model was made using the Tamiya Monte Carlo Mini Cooper scale 1/24 kit. I decided to go against the norm, and make a post-apocalyptic mini (similar to one seen in a Mad Max movie).


I started off by spraying everything with Rust-Oleum campoflage brown as this is always my base coat when working on a model that will eventually be rusted. Working from reference photos, I started with the engine, followed by the dashboard and wheels. I weathered each part as I progressed, using Vallejo weathering effects..

In a post-apocalyptic world, a lone traveller would not need seats or carpets in his car, opting for maximum space instead. Because the kit does not cater for that, I fashioned the floor pan from reference pics, and used styrene to get the necessary profiles, and fill the space where the kit seat would have gone.

After making and fitting a roll bar, I painted and weathered the floor pan, and fitted the engine and seat, which came from my spares box.

Researching and making the accessories was fun. Everrything was scrtatch built except for the dog, which I had 3D printed.

On to the body, which I weathered using the salt chipping technique, followed by streaking using various oils and weather effects.

And of course, which lonely traveller doesn't have a dog?


There was nothing fancy to making the base. I simply made some pavers using building cement, which I then cut into the required size and glued onto a piece of wood. Then I added some Vallejo moss effects and that was that.