I made this, my first "diorama", in July 2015. It was also one of my first builds.


A Zvezda kit, (1/35 German R-12 Heavy Motorcycle w/ Rider and Officer), it turned out to be great fun to make, winning a category at an IPMS competition some time later, but for the life of me, I cannot remember when, nor which category! (Bear in mind that I built this  seven years ago!) Sorry, but I have no build history on this one.


Looking at it now, I have to chuckle at the glossy finish on the figures! (I no longer do that!) At least I had already started weathering my models.  

Go Deliver This

This was a fun little build where I used parts from two kits in December 2015. (1/35th)

Italeri's - "BMW R75 with Sidecar" and the other, Tamiya's "German Motorcycle Orderly Set".


My first wall. Made from styrofoam packaging.

Before the purists email me.... I know that these are not strictly DIORAMAs as defined by IPMS, but that is what I referred them as being when I made them, so that is what I'll call them on this page. It is good feeling to be able to look back 7 years to see my progress. This goes to show that anyone can develop their skills - with enough practice and desire.  

These two are from - Zvezda "Soviet sniper team WWii 1941-1943" kit, scale 1/35. I would go on to use the remainng two figures later. (Her eyes are enough to kill even the toughest!!)

Soviet Snipers

It was apparently not uncommon for dispatch riders to get lost in occupied territory.


The snake didn't have to be told to "get lost!"

During WW2, the allied invaded Italy in September.....  This is closer to being a diorama than the previous builds. (Dragon WW. II British Army Infantry Marching Italy 1943/44 kit

Italy 1943-4

Forming the terrain using carboard, and wood glue. I like to use natural materials as far as possible. (As can be seen by the burnt twigs representing burn trees)