Mercedes Benz SL300 Gullwing

I have been so excited to get this kit!! It arrived today, but the friend who transported it down from up-country for me gave me quite a start! He left me a message to say that his wife had accidentally driven over the box! TWICE!


As I said.... that gave me quite a start!


But it has arrived and I will immediately start. (The oils on my Sopwith need time to dry anyway, so the timing is perfect!)

Turn. Don't Burn.

It's as easy as 

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Started 17 September 2023

As is my custom, I stripped the parts from the sprues, packaged them in numbered ziplock packets, and in so doing, studied the plans. This was followed by stripping the chrome (which really is too bright to look authentic) by dropping them in bleach and rinsing in water. 

As I have not done a non-shiny model in a while, I had to do some research to get my creative juices flowing and to brush up on some long-since- used techniques. 

Here are some photos of my progress. 

Date of last update: 1 May 2024

Weathering was mostly  done using oils and pigments.

I have completed the base terrain. The main wooden bottom part will take a while. I'll post a photo of that at the very end of the build.

My progress on this build will slow down a bit now because I have found and acquired the required thread for my Sopwith Camel's interplane rigging and that needs all my focus (also I don't have the working space!!)


...... and now I'm busy with the Flatbed Recovery Truck commission....




It's been six weeks since my last post. I have tinkered a bit here and there on this build whilst waiting for the client to supply the sound system for the rollback truck.

To get a more realistic texture on the seats, I covered the kit-supplied seats with tinfoil - using superglue and needing lots of patience to do so, after which, I painted them and, using a surgical scalpel, cut the desired "cracks" and tears. I then stuffed the deeper cuts and gashes with cotton wool that I darkened with a bit of oil paint thinned with turps. 


I have started on the body. Firstly I painted a based coat of camo brown RustOleum. (The lighting makesit look grey). Then I masked off areas where I want rust using Marmite and Prestik. Must say... the Marmite tastes a lot better when sticking the toothpick inmy mouth than other materials do! After that, I sprayed racing white and cleaned off over the areas that I had covered.

I 3D printed a squirrel, as well as a rabbit for the base, but have yet to decide which one I'll use

Other than that, I completed the cockpit (barring a few touchups to be done). I decided to re-design the knob section of the dash and to add more detail, as well as an ashtray. I also designed a Becker radio such as would have been in this model vehicle.

Next I applied pigments in various shades of brown, followed by some dry fit tests to see if my ideas for stickers would look good. The story behind this car is that it raced at La Carrera Panamericana and was then left in the forest to rot. I might still build on that storyline... I'm yet to decide.

Just to show that I have been busy........ am busy with detailing engine bay.

(By the way ..... this is a 1965 kit so contained NO details. I mostly designed and 3D printed the extras)

Ok. Engine detailing complete. I feel quite happy about the work I have done. As can be seen earlier in this build, there were no extras and I scratch built/3D designed and printed quite a number of extra parts!