Sherman Easy Eight

Completed July 2016

The first time I made an armour model, it went on to win 1st in class at a local IPMS competition. This was Tamiya's Sherman Easy Eight in 1/35th scale. It was an easy kit to build and I had good fun in so doing. 

Tamiya's kits build well and this was no exception. All I can reall point out is how I made the sandbags.
I made sandbags using modelling clay, which I first rolled it into a long worm. Then I cut that to the desired size, pressed an old T-shirt onto that to create the desired texture on the bags. Before they dried, I covered the front of the tank and positioned the clay bags in position to dry. This was so that the bags would be able to take the required shape as they would, had they been stacked onto a real tank. Once the clay had dried, I applied wood glue in between them to glue them together. After the glue had dried, I removed the bags, took off the plastic and finished off the rest of the tank.   

King Tiger

Completed December 2016

This was the Zvezda Tiger II AusF.B, with the Porsche turret, in 1/35th scale.  I bought aftermarket photo etch zimmerit sheets but cannot recall which.

The tracks presented a nice challenge as each link was separate. I used Tamiya fine glue to join the links, as it gives some time shape the tracks before setting. I then positioned the wheels on the body, and glued them together. Then I took them off, assembled them along with the tracks, and then put the whole lot back onto the body before the glue set, so that I could get the right “hang” of the tracks.


Leichter Panzerspähwagen

Completed September 2018

For the mud, I used finely sifted building sand, mixed with dark brown pigment for concrete. Once dry, I applied gloss wood varnish over everything to give a wet look.

This was a delight to build and there's not much  else to say, really....

As always, I built a clean build of the body, then airbrushed a few light coats of Tamiya dark sand colour before applying the weathering, chips, and so on. (scale 1/35th)