The wooden "Velocipide", also called Draisine or Hobby-horse was invented by Karl Drais in 1817 as an alternative to horses. However, use was restricted to parks in 1819 because of the danger it presented to pedestrians when used on pavements due to the badly rutted roads. Oh.. and shoes wore out very quickly!

[Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_bicycle]

After a hiaitus of a few years, in 2004, I stumbled across the plans for this cart. I have been building models continuously since then. 

Being a competitive, amateur cyclist at the time, I simply had to build this model!

This model horse-drawn articulated bobsled, made from drawings by late Ivan Collins, took two weeks to complete. It took longer to cut and glue the logs than it took to make the model!